RAF Broadwell Chapter 11


The rest of the boys returned from Nijmegen next day. Actually they had flown from Brussels, having travelled there by road transport. It seemed too good to be true, being able to walk around our camp again. Everything in the billet was exactly as we had left it but it seemed as though years had passed since I was last there.


I,t. Pickwoad asked us all to attend at the Squadron Office on the following day.


The following morning, Saturday, 30th September we gathered at the Squadron Office. Lt. Pickwoad had a few words to say to us. He said: -


"I would like to say to you chaps how very much I appreciate the splendid effort you made to make the operation a success. I must confess that before we left England I had some doubts about one or two of you. Now when I have had the opportunity to see you in action I have no longer any doubts about any of you. We have suffered a serious loss to our Flight in having left so many of the boys behind. We shall not forget them, nor the sacrifice they made. I shall always remain proud that the honour fell to me to take you to Arnhem."


Sergeant Davies replied, saying: -


"Sir. I think every one of us who has been fortunate enough to return would like to say thank you to you. I sincerely feel that if we had not had you to lead us, to encourage us, and set us such a fine example when things looked really had. Many of us here today would have suffered the fate of those we have had to leave behind. As you say, we shall not forget them, neither shall we forget the splendid part you played".


Thus did he echo the thoughts and feelings of each and every one of us!

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