RAF Broadwell Appendix

No.14 Flight    "F" Squadron
The Glider Pilot Regiment

R. A. F. Station
Blakehill Farm, Near Cricklade.

As at September 1944.
Lieut. A.E. Pickwoad Officer Commanding

Lieut. Clarke   (Officers i/c     W

Lieut. Stevenson         (Sections.        WP





S/Sgt. Dalzell  W

S/Sgt. Walters

S/Sgt. Moore, MM

S/Sgt. Banks   X

S/Sgt. Wedgebury

S/Sgt. Ayton

S/Sgt. Weedon

S/Sgt. Bobin    W

S/Sgt. Mathews X

S/Sgt. Naismith

S/Sgt. Dowse

S/Sgt. Hall

S/Sgt. Rice

S/Sgt. Drurey  X

S/Sgt. Maclaren X

S/Sgt. Sherry WP

S/Sgt. Creevy

Sgt. Ferguson

Sgt. Dean

Sgt. Robertson WP

Sgt. Hartford W

Sgt. Heap        P

Sgt. Price

Sgt. Parkinson X

Sgt. Davidson

Sgt. Johnson

Sgt. Walton     P

S/Sgt. Maddison WP

S/Sgt. Jones

S/Sgt. Holcroft

S/Sgt. Lowe    WP

S/Sgt. Boucher

S/Sgt. Herron WP

S/Sgt. Moorcock X

S/Sgt. Young

S/Sgt. Dodd    W

S/Sgt. Denholme

S/Sgt. Ward    WP

S/Sgt. Brayley P

S/Sgt. Neil

Sgt Watts        WP

Sgt. Bowes      X

Sgt. Gammon

Sgt Lister

Sgt Hebblethwaite X

Sgt. Davison

Sgt. Garbutt    P

Sgt. Johnson    WP

Sgt. Hart

Sgt. Bralee      W

Sgt. Davies

Sgt. Marriott   X

Sgt. Graham    X

Sgt. Lewis

Sgt. Davies

Sgt. Hogg        X

Sgt. McKimm

Sgt. Lewis

Sgt. Neil          WP

Sgt Jenner

Towmaster Sgt. Palfreeman

X =Killed        P = Taken Prisoner      W = Wounded

Notes in Red indicate state at 25th September (SIC)

The End